Rail Tank Car Blending

Rail tank car blending has never been easier if you are using Pulsair.  There are no moving parts inside the rail tank car and the operator can pulse in compressed air or inert gases to quickly blend liquids in rail tank cars.

Rail tank cars can quickly be converted to blending tanks using Pulsair.  The operator can attached the Pulsair rail car adapter to the bottom of the car and there is no equipment inserted through the top hatch to mix the liquids.

Heavy viscosity liquids and high solid content liquids have been already tested with the Pulsair mixing process for rail tank car blending and mixing.

With over 20-years of experience mixing and blending liquids in rail tank cars, Pulsair offers the faster mixing process with zero in-tank maintenance and equipment and is more energy efficient than heavy and dangerous top-entry mechanical mixing alternatives.

rail tank car mixing

rail car tank mixing

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