Frequently Asked Questions:

How does it work?

Answer: Large compressed air/gas bubbles are sequentially released through the bottom discharge drain valve under rail tank car.   The large bubbles pull bottom liquids up the surface to quickly blend, mix and re-agitated settles solids.


Can I use nitrogen or CO2 gas?

Answer: Yes you can!  There is no modification to the Pulsair mixer if you want to use an inert gas.  Many food and chemical companies use Pulsair with inert gases when mixing blending liquids.


Can it mix viscous liquids or high solid liquids?

Answer: Yes.  Pulsair has many customer mixing high viscosity liquids such as lubricant viscosity improvers, liquid sugars, molasses, magnesium hydroxide and titanium dioxide (80% solids).


Will it speed up my re-heating times?

Answer: Yes.  Most of our customers see a 40-50% drop in heating times when using Pulsair along with their normal heating process of circulating steam or hot oil through the rail tank car’s internal coil system.


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