For the past 20-years, Pulsair Systems is the No. 1 mixer for rail tank cars.  The rail tank car mixing process works by pulsing in large bursts of compressed air or inert gas through the bottom discharge valve on the bottom of the car.  There are no moving parts and nothing moves except the liquid contents inside the car.

rail tank car mixing

The Pulsair mixer for rail tank car is an adjustable mixer and the operator can control both the speed and power of the mixing process making blending, re-agitation of settled solids and liquid heating faster and easier.   The mixer is simple to install and easy to use.


rail car tank mixing

The mixing process is excellent for re-blend heavy solid slurries such as magnesium hydroxide and titanium dioxide where heavier solids can fall out over time or during transport to form heels.   Additionally, Pulsair can help accelerate the heating of liquids to the correct pour point prior to unloading.

Pulsair can supply rail tank car fittings for cars with 3″ and 4″ drain outlet or the system can be integrated with existing unloading assemblies and fixed unloading arms.

Pulsair is the safest, least expensive and best mixing process for mixing rail tank cars.

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