Slurry mixing solutions for rail tank cars

Reblending and re-agitating settled solids and slurries in rail tank cars is fast and easy with mixing solutions from Pulsair Systems.  The process works by pulsing in large bursts of compressed air into the rail tank car through the bottom discharge valve.  There are no moving parts inside the tank and the TM-2013 is all-pneumatic and can operate on either compressed air or inert gases without modification.   Pulsair can uniformly suspend the heavy settled solids and reduce any heels that might otherwise form without agitation.   The process is proven to work on high solid slurries such as magnesium hydroxide, titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, clay and lime slurries.   The “bottom-up” vertical mixing process is more energy efficient than inefficient air spargers and mechanical mixing.


  • Fastest solution to re-agitate and re-blend high solids that have settled out in rail tank cars

  • More energy efficient than air spargers and mechanical mixers

  • ZERO in-tank maintenance

  • Mix 100% of the liquids for better tank utilization

  • Operates on compressed air or inert gases

  • Adjustable speed and power controller for maximum efficiency

  • Proven technology for past 30+ years.


TiO2 – Titanium dioxide slurry mixing in rail tank car with Pulsair Systems from Pulsair Systems Inc on Vimeo.

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